First Annual Seth Fried FUN-raiser for Funds

Being Seth Fried has always been a service that I have offered to the world completely free of charge. This is something that I have been more than happy to do. After all, with the exception of my monthly bath, being Seth Fried is lots of fun. However, it is also not without its costs. Every day I have to struggle under the financial burden of paying for food, shelter, clothing, and my obsessive desire to crash rental cars.

That is why I am excited to announce my First Annual Seth Fried FUN-raiser for Funds. This is a chance for all the people who actively enjoy me to show their appreciation. Participants can choose from the list of donation levels below and then send me the money using whatever electronic transfer service they prefer.


Neutral Acquaintance

Stranger With Kind Eyes





Friend With Benefits

Pretend Uncle

Pretend Uncle With Benefits


Unstoppable Robot Pontiff

Seth’s Angel

Seth’s Golden Angel

Demoniclops The Angel Crusher

Godzilla’s Father

Sex Genius


Platinum Colleague With Benefits

Higgs Boson