A Complete List of All Books

In order to celebrate the fact that my debut short story collection, The Great Frustration, will be released in about a month, I have decided to compile a list of all the books that have ever been published. In addition to it being a fun opportunity to promote TGF, I figured it could serve as a scholarly resource (which is pretty much how I think of my blog anyway). Without further ado, here they are in no particular order:

Graham’s French to English Dictionary

The Helicopter Joke Book

Jump-Around Howie’s Big Book of Obvious Riddles

The Panther in the Cauldron: A Diaper Lewis Mystery

A Parent’s Guide to Making Your Children Invincible to Witches

How to Tell Which Children Are Invincible to You: A Witch’s Handbook

Mission to Cars: How to Attend an Auto Show

Dr. Paul d'Artagnan’s Low Calorie Workout


Phone books

It’s pretty humbling to see all those titles listed one after another. It’s enough to make me realize that The Great Frustration will be little more than a grain of sand in an immense desert. Nevertheless, as far as grains of sand go, it’s going to be awesome. Oh, also: Huckleberry Finn.