I don’t have a million dollar idea, but here are twenty $50,000 ideas:

  1. A bicycle that goes sideways

  2. A zoo that just has all the different types of dogs

  3. Instead of a bunch of french fries, one big one

  4. An envelope that looks like a dollar bill and comes with four quarters in it

  5. A shirt with an extra armhole in case one wears out

  6. Instead of a boomerang, a frisbee with your return address on it

  7. A toilet with animatronic eyes that nervously look away as soon as you enter the bathroom

  8. Perfume for goldfish

  9. Resolving a sports rivalry by encouraging a sexual encounter between both teams’ mascots

  10. Cigarettes that come in different shapes

  11. Lip gloss for your feet

  12. Kites for horses

  13. A poster that goes on your floor and that you can walk on

  14. Double-decker sewing machines

  15. A pen that looks like a pencil and doesn’t write

  16. A television shaped like your favorite television character so when that character is on he or she will be the only thing you see

  17. A helicopter that only works underwater

  18. An odorless gas that enrages wasps

  19. One of those machines that shoots out tennis balls except this one shoots out basketballs and there’s nothing in the rulebook that says it can’t play on the team

  20. Seven words: A clock that is also a limousine