Some Viral Videos I’d Like to See


A four-month-old baby does a perfect backflip, then catches a tossed fisherman’s cap on its head. Once the cap touches its head, the baby falls asleep as if by magic. 

A man in red running shorts plays Twister with a Bengal tiger wearing matching shorts.

An elderly woman dressed as Captain America is taunted by TSA agents.

A local television anchor doesn’t realize she is on the air when she accuses the station manager of secretly being a lizard person.

Two otters hold hands while fighting each other to death.

A young boy in a pterodactyl costume begins cradling his father’s head and referring to it as his, “egg.” He savagely attacks anyone who comes near it.

Some children are given wine and then asked to describe their parents to a police sketch artist.

A pit bull in a Guy Fawkes mask rides a Roomba.

A bear slaps its paw into a river and instead of coming up with a fish is surprised to see that it is holding an open umbrella.

A gorilla feeds a shirtless teenage boy a bottle of formula.

A trailer for the Phantom Menace is recut so it looks like an erotic thriller.

Auto-tuned footage of a man tuning his guitar.

A skateboarder grinds down a thirty-foot railing, does two complete 360s, lands perfectly, then bursts into flames.

A bunch of Civil War reenactors are chased off a battlefield by geese.